In a Language, your Speaking skill is equally important like your writing skills for conveying your message to someone else.

English communication is all about a right   pronunciation in right accent.

By the end of this write-up you would be familiar with 11 Pronunciation rules of English language.

Though there are many techniques of right pronunciation but yes, it’s rightly said English is a Stupid language with no logics behind. Still there are some rules which are universally followed and we are here to line up those rules.

Let’s get started with a Hit shot.

All the Best to all – HAPPY LEARNING

Rule No.1- D remains Silent before G.

Yes, you read right while pronouncing words in which D comes before G then D remains silent For Better understanding examples are.






 Rule No.2- O remains Silent before H.

While pronouncing words in which O comes before H then H remains silent: For Better understanding examples are.




Still being a Stupid language as mentioned earlier as well , in few words this rule never applies like Hot, Horse, Hospital, Hole etc.

Rule No.3- G remains Silent before N.

While pronouncing words in which G comes before N then G remains silent: For Better understanding examples are.





Rule No.4- Words ending with GH or GHT, in those words’ GH remains Silent.

While pronouncing words which are ending with GH or GHT in those words’ GH remains silent: For Better understanding examples are.







Rule No.5- B remains Silent after M.

While pronouncing words in which B comes after M then B remains silent: For Better understanding examples are.





Rule No.6- R remains silent after Vowels (a,e,i,o,u) in American accent

While pronouncing words in which R comes after Vowels then R remains silent: For Better understanding examples are.






Rule No.7- If an E Appears at the End of a Word, It Is Silent.

While pronouncing words in which E comes at the end of the word then E remains silent: For Better understanding examples are.






And the Bonus in this Rule is that Preceding vowel will be pronounced long like in Hate, Vowel “a” is stretched as E is silent.

But on the other Hand, while pronouncing the word “Hat” the vowel A is not pronounced long as like in Hate.

Rule No.8- Open your Mouth Wide

While Communicating something try to use your tongue, Lips properly and open your mouth wide so the next person can understand your message/talks easily.

Specifically, in the present scenario of COVID-19 where majority of the Communication is through Audio-Visual mode and sometimes you may not be audible properly but a person can judge you by your lip movement that what you want to convey.

Rule No.9- Record you voice and Listen for better accent

This is a Pro-tip for you to improve your pronunciation- the technique is to use your cellphone’s voice recording feature.

Readout loud, record your voice and listen, again and again, be your own mentor to improve your English Accent. This is not a one-day job, in fact, a never-ending journey to learn a Language.

The techniques I shared with you today for English Communication and Accent is in Fancy language called as Phonics.

 The guide above cannot be definitive about how to pronounce each word because pronunciations vary according to regional or national accents in the English language. Keep your charm of practice alive.

A Secret Key for Spoken English:  Conversation – Conversation – Conversation

The more you speak the more you learn: As a practical example you are good in your native language either Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Spanish, French or any.

Just because you are speaking in that language since childhood, the same rule is applicable to English.

Please drop your valuable comments.

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