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In this write up I am sharing with you all the health benefits of drinking “Matke Ka Paani” during this hot summer where the temperature is rising day by day and gradually we are losing immunity of our body by having chilled water from our fridge or refrigerator, though the water we drink in this summer 2020 from our refrigerators gives a very soothing feel to our mouth but on the other hand, it’s harming our digestive system and immunity. So in my opinion, if in our corporate culture we start adopting this habit of storing water in an earthen pot, this will make our environment eco-friendly and this change in our work culture can improve the health of our working personnel.

It is an indigenous way of storing water in the summer season to keep it cool and fit for drinking. Our real thirst can only be removed by drinking Earthen Pot Water as per our natural science; it contains multiple health benefits along with a boost of our immunity. Let’s get some core understanding about earthen pot water; here is why we should try adopting the practice this summer season in our offices and home as well.

1. Prevents heat strokes:

The vitamins and minerals that one gets from water, especially water stored in clay pots can help in improving health, and also preventing heatstrokes. Cool water can help in cooling off the body and prevent problems caused due to excessive heat. Drinking water stored in clay pots can be a healthy practice. 

2. Relief From Skin Problems by Drinking Clay Pot Water :

By Drinking Earthen Pot Water we can get rid of multiple kinds of skin problems.

3. Alkaline properties of Earthen Pot Water:

The human body is acidic in nature, while clay has alkaline properties. Drinking water stored in earthen pots can help maintain the pH of the body, keeping acidity and gastric problems at bay. The water stored in earthen pots is also appropriately cool, which helps in keeping the body healthy.

4. Matka water Improves Metabolism and Digestion:

Hydration itself plays a very important role in improving digestion and speeding up metabolism. When water is stored in a clay pot and consumed, it ensures even better functions as it does not contain chemicals as the BPA found in plastic bottles which are used to store water in the fridge. This helps improve digestion which helps in weight loss and keeping the body healthy, in general, to stay focused on work.

5. Porous:

Clay is porous. In a similar way, an earthen pot is also porous. When you store water in “Matka”, evaporation happens. This process grounds cooling as water particles gain energy in the form of heat, then change to gas and get mixed with air. A clay pot has small holes visible at the microscopic level during which water seeps out and gains energy to become gas and gets evaporated causing cooling. Heat and moisture circulate all through the pot.

6. Cost-effective:

The very special benefit that every corporate budget demands is cost-effective in comparison to spending thousands on RO-UV and aqua guard etc.


Drinking water stored in a clay pot/Bottle can do wonders for your health as well as boost your immunity in the long run so that you can give productive results by having purity in your soul. It is imperative to store drinking water in a clay pot or matka at your workplace. The theme of matka might create some antique image in a few minds but it will really do wonders for your professional life.

This Write Up was Originally Published on Compliance Calendar LLP.

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